The #HOWL campaign

Our #AnimalRightsInTourism (incl. #HandsOffOurWildlife) campaign is gaining traction, especially in the wake of the recent interactions with South African Tourism. Our open letter to SA Tourism’s CEO led to an immediate response and a removal of ALL unethical wildlife interactions content from their website. This is a fantastic step in the right direction for South Africa as a tourism brand, but even more so for our wildlife in captivity.

Sunday evening, the #HandsOffOurWildlife campaign even made the SABC national news headlines!

The Green Girls in Africa are passionate about #AnimalRightInTourism and I write regularly on wildlife in captivity and their welfare issues to raise awareness and educate people. You will find blogs on the negative implications of elephant riding, the canned lion hunting industry, and what it means to be a true animal sanctuary.

These stories show clearly that we don’t believe in 50 shades of grey or green when it comes to #AnimalRightInTourism. The message we need to communicate to our visitors and the tourist industry at large is a black and white one: #HandsOffOurWildlife – no petting, no performing, no riding, no walking. Clear and simple.

However, we also want to have a little fun while getting the more serious #HandsOffOurWildlife message out far and wide. We want you to find your inner #HOWL!

#HandsOffOurWildlife campaign

I asked some friends to #HOWL for our wildlife.

Join us to #HOWL for our wildlife

Make a short video: Tell us who you are and maybe what you do if you like, but most importantly tell us what you #HOWL for with a big roar or howl at the end.
Don’t be shy and have lots of fun!

Share this video clip on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the #HOWL and #HandsOffOurWildlife hashtags.

Although this is not an official competition, we have some great surprises for the best #HOWL entries!

Be #HOWL inspired

Thank you Lara Mostert, the genius who thought of the #HOWL idea first!!  monkey-smiley



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