Lion Coalition

The Coalition to Stop Captive Breeding and Keeping of Lions and Other Big Cats for Commercial Purposes (the Coalition) is an alliance of diverse organisations and individuals, who share certain values, knowledge and objectives, and collectively comprise a respected body of expertise from scientific, conservation, welfare, legal, faith and public advocacy sectors.

Purpose & Objectives

The purpose of the Coalition is to enable its members to work together in order to stop captive breeding and keeping of lions and other big cats for exploitative purposes.

The main object of the Coalition is to facilitate the creation of a strong social movement that advocates locally and globally to create awareness about, and to ultimately end, captive predator breeding and keeping of lions and other big cats for exploitative purposes.

Fundamental Principles

Members of the Lion Coalition will be guided by the following shared principles:

  • We believe that big cats belong in the wild and we support the formal conservation community in their endeavours to secure the survival of Africa’s predators in the wild.
  • We believe that the captive breeding and hunting, petting, walking, volunteering and trading of captive big cats and other wildlife is exploitative, does not contribute to conservation, and must be stopped.
  • We believe in working collaboratively and in solidarity with one another to recognise the rights of all beings through supporting ethical and responsible hands-off activities involving Africa’s wildlife. This excludes ANY commercial activity that involves the use of captive wildlife purely for human entertainment and with no conservation value or purpose, including but not limited to petting, cuddling, touching, playing, kissing, riding, walking, swimming, grooming, feeding and the taking of selfies.
  • We believe that as members of a community of interrelated and interdependent beings we have a responsibility to contribute to the health, welfare and integrity of all animals and ecosystems and to heighten the awareness around the exploitation of captive wildlife.

Some of the work the Lion Coalition has been involved in can be found HERE.

Steering Committee

Dr Louise de Waal (Coordinator) – Green Girls in Africa
Audrey Delsink – HSI Africa
Linda Park – Voice4Lions

Our membership includes the following organisations

Photo credit: Pippa Hankinson – Blood Lions