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Travel in the Spirit of Ubuntu (Part 4)

Take only Memories, Leave Nothing but Footprints Africa is blessed with some of the most beautiful, prime wilderness areas in the world. Many of these have received some form of protection under national and/or international legislation, and countries like Botswana and Tanzania, which boast some of the greatest biodiversity on the continent, have established large networks of protected areas. From

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Travel in the Spirit of Ubuntu (Part 3)

The Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Overconsumption and waste are global issues that we can all take more responsibility for.  At home, many of us are consciously reducing our waste and recycle whatever and whenever we can. However, what happens when we are on holiday? Are we still as mindful? Many developing destinations often have inadequate waste disposal systems

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Travel in the Spirit of Ubuntu (Part 2)


Traversing with Cultural Sensitivity Africa is the second largest continent with an area of over 30 million km2; however, most people do not realise the extent of its size, because of historical misrepresentations on many maps. A few years ago The True Size of Africa overlay map depicted the true immensity of this continent by showing how China, USA, India, and all of Europe

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Travel in the Spirit of Ubuntu (Part 1)

Most of us are at least somewhat aware of the devastating impact that mass tourism can have. Thousands of tourists on package holidays fly to remote beach locations in Africa overflowing with large all-inclusive resorts, which are often built without regard to their impact on the local environment and without adopting any green practices. This year-round stream of tourists uses

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