• Hendrik’s velletjie makes him complete

    My love for the Kgalagadi Desert runs deep, but for the ǂKhomani San it’s an integral part of their identity. At !Xaus Lodge the ǂKhomani San manage to keep the spirit of their ancient culture alive by combining modern living with a more traditional existence.

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  • Traditional healer Limpopo

    Meeting a Mopedi Nyaka – Traditional Healer

    Mokgadi Rasekgokga is a traditional healer with three spirit guides, one female and two male ancestors. We come from opposite ends of the spectrum, but she listens intently and patiently answers the endless questions this inherent scientist throws at her.

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  • Ribola Art Route Limpopo

    Ribola Art Route – Limpopo

    The Ribola Art Route is a vibrant tourism route offering authentic and creative experiences to its visitors, keeping the African tradition of storytelling alive, and empowering both budding and established artists and entrepreneurs.

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  • Sentinel Peak from Witsieshoek Lodge Drakensberg

    Conquering my fear of ladders

    The Sentinel Peak Chain Ladder hike in the Drakensberg is a popular walk. The sheer size of this mountainscape creates an air of insignificance, but defeating my fear of ladders made me feel pretty invincible.

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  • From stony silence to anger – the response to online critical voices

    My 2018 new year’s resolution is to not give in to bullying tactics and continue the collective fight for captive wildlife rights and welfare issues. #HandsOffOurWildlife

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  • To pet or not to pet

    I am often asked what is the harm in petting a lion cub or walking with a lion, as this doesn’t seem to harm the animal. Please read on if you want to understand why we say these cute cubs are bred for the bullet.

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  • Tented Eco Camp – Gondwana Game Reserve

    Tented Eco Camp is Gondwana Game Reserve’s new, green kid on the block. The camp offers more down-to-earth accommodation and hands-on and educational activities benefiting conservation.

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  • Oukraal Hideaway Perfection, Gamkaberg

    Nothing had prepared me for the experience we had driving the Gamkaberg grade 3 Zebra Crossing 4×4 route. Oukraal is the ultimate hideaway surrounded by nature in its purest form.

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  • Off-Grid at Rocherpan Nature Reserve, Velddrift

    Rocherpan Nature Reserve had not been on my radar, but after spending just a few days in this small, but unique CapeNature reserve near Velddrift, I’d fallen head over heels.

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  • Chole Mjini Eco-Lodge

    Drinking a cool beer in the Red Herring Bar, I ponder my stay at Chole Mjini, while traditional dhows with their lopsided sails gracefully pass by.

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Responsible Tourism

The Lion King ‘Simba’ Syndrome

I beg every single one of you to think VERY carefully before you pet a lion cub, or any other wild animal for that matter, as you will be part of the problem. Go and enjoy the Lion King, I certainly will, but don’t support the captive breeding and suffering of these magnificent creatures.

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