Meet the Green Girls

ULUNTU logoWhy work with the Green Girls in Africa?

The Green Girls have more than 50 years combined experience in the African tourism industry and a deep understanding of responsible and sustainable tourism.

This combined experience and extensive knowledge of the African tourism industry, and in particular in responsible tourism, has given the Green Girls in Africa standing within the industry. This is among others reflected by the fact they are an official business development support provider for Fair Trade Tourism.

The Green Girls in Africa are true ambassadors for the concept of sustainable tourism and are passionate to share their knowledge and skills with like-minded people in the industry.

We fully understand the challenges that businesses face on a day-to-day basis to make money. The truth of the matter is that responsible business does not mean losing money. It is a myth that ‘doing good’ costs too much. Sustainability makes excellent business sense, not just in terms of improving your bottom line, but also in terms of staff morale and the customer experience you deliver.

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We know how the word consultant can conjure up an image of a whole lot of unnecessary and, frankly, unaffordable expenses in businesses already reeling to adapt in today’s changing economy. Tourism has been at the mercy of the ripple effect of global austerity, and erratic currency performance. As a result, monitoring your bottom line has become even more critical.

We are quite simply three individuals with a passion for sustainable tourism, who have decided to work together to share our skills with those who need them most. We are here to help you find the best way to establish the elusive potjie of performance in your business, and most importantly how to communicate that message effectively to the people, who need to hear it most – your customers.

Green Girls in Africa offer you a flexible set of practical tools that will help your business to incorporate responsible tourism seamlessly. We each have unique and specialist skills that can be applied according to your needs and to cover all bases, but our end goal is the same as yours – to work together and make Southern Africa the best responsible tourism destination in the world by helping its people, conserving its pristine environment and helping businesses achieve that.

Meet the Green Girls

Green Girls in Africa team

Louise de Waal
Bronwen Wetton
Helen Turnbull