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Vets Combine Forces to Aid Forgotten Survivors of Rhino Poaching

The South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) hosted its third and final workshop for 2013 on Friday 18 October in Cape Town. The national workshops, sponsored by the Veterinary Rhino Rescue Fund, were aimed at equipping vets, generally used to working in small or mixed animal environments, with guidelines on how to deal with the specifics of rhino poaching injuries should

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Rhino Survivors

Rhino poaching statistics are reaching unparalleled proportions with 2.5 rhinos being killed every day of the year 2013 so far. The vast majority are killed for their horn in Kruger National Park with Limpopo, North West Province, and KZN close on its heels. United Against Poaching is a collaboration between Investec Rhino Lifeline, Chipembere Rhino Foundation, and the Forever Wild – Rhino

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