To ride or not to ride?

To ride or not to ride 1To ride or not to ride 2To ride or not to ride 3To ride or not to ride 4To ride or not to ride 5

Travel Ideas Mag cover Appeared in May/June 2017 issue of Travel Ideas Magazine.

good-things-guy-logo3 published a similar article on the 17th April 2017 entitled Debunking the many myths of Elephant riding.

One comment

  • Louise, your comments and issues behind the Elephant rides has validity, however your further wanting to stop all interaction with animals, is of concern.
    Animals in any form of captivity need enrichment, and to not allow an animal this through it interacting with guests or the animal keepers, is cruelty without exception. This can be seen in many Zoo’s, self professed Sanctuaries, where animals are just left on their own without any enrichment.
    You have posted a Picture of a Cheetah with an employee from Tenikwa Wild Life Awareness Centre on your site. This employee actually nurtured this Cheetah from a very early age. May I also say that you are also defaming Tenikwa in posting this demonstrating your ‘Handsoffourwildlife’ site without our permission making yourself liable for damages. Please remove this post, and do it today. The Law is taking a very much harder stance on this kind of situation and action as it is harming many people without recourse. So where does this issue go, and do you see yourself beyond the law on another platform?. May I say that it is very easy to ‘Find Fault’, ‘Condemn’, and in the end self enrich your own spirit gaining support from the uninformed public making a name for yourself on your public platform.

    I do however feel that your Web Site has a place in unmasking many of the atrocities and bad practices out there. You just need to get both sides of the story before you ‘Brand’ and defame offerings and individuals. Listening to individuals with a vested interest to create instability in offerings for financial gain is also of concern and you are certainly been used as a tool on this platform.
    Although you may be qualified in your field, can you publicly inform me and your viewers what qualifications you have to publish information, and also refer me to any publications you have endorsed or been involved with reinforcing your allegations. On this I refer to Animal contact and enrichment being bad.

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