To pet or not to pet

We all know that knowledge and awareness is key to change and I feel strongly that the #AnimalRightsInTourism and #HandsOffOurWildlife message needs to be spread further and wider, as too often we are preaching to the converted. Hence, our first column on lion cub petting fresh from the press in Travel Ideas Magazine, hoping to reach more people and raise the necessary awareness.

Travel Ideas Cover March 2017To Pet or not to pet 1lion-cub-petting.jpgTo Pet or not to pet 2


  • Thanks so much for highlighting this issue! I believe that education is key – and although I have been an avid wildlife enthusiast for many years, I have learnt so much on the canned hunting industry through reading all your posts.

    • Thank you Chantal I really appreciate your support. We will continue highlighting the issues involved in hands-on wildlife interactions as long as necessary, as we also believe that education is the key to change. Please share the passion for #HandsOffOurWildlife ❤

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