Would you like to sell Big 4 Safaris?

White rhinos left in the wild: 20,405fact!
Black rhinos left in the wild: 5,055fact!

Rhinos poached since 2010: 4,586 (18% of current population) – fact!
Rhinos killed so far this year: 920fact!

Rhino horn consists of pure keratin, like human hair and fingernails – fact!
Rhino horn has NO medicinal properties – fact!
Rhino horn is worth more than goldfact!

 If we allow this rhino poaching crisis to continue, we will be selling Big 4 safaris soon – fact!
Investec Rhino Lifeline

This was the backdrop to the HOTELRHINO Networking Brunch at the Private Hotel School in Stellenbosch earlier this month, where Matthew Norval (Chief Operations Officer of the Wilderness Foundation Africa) gave us an overview of the work of their #ForeverWildRhino Conservation Programme.

#ForeverWildRhino adopted an integrated and four pronged approach to combat rhino poaching, including on the ground anti-poaching support in private and state protected areas, increased security and law enforcement activities through the Wildlife Operation Group, curbing demand for rhino horn in Southeast Asia, and increasing public awareness.

Matthew Norval Wilderness Foundation HotelRhino

HOTELRHINO is a new initiative of The Wilderness Foundation in corporation with FEDHASA Cape that seeks to encourage and challenge the tourist industry to become more actively involved.

The aim of HOTELRHINO is to educate a wider audience on the plight of the African rhinos and at the same time to raise necessary funds to continue the fight against rhino poaching. You, as an accommodation provider, can become involved by encouraging your guests and staff to donate R150 to adopt an orphaned baby rhino. In return, guests can take a fluffy baby rhino home.

We are not talking large sums of money, so the threshold to become involved is low enough to generate high volumes and therefore raise worthwhile amounts for rhino conservation, as the plight of the rhino is dire. Consider this, would you still sell the same amount of bednights if Big 5 safaris have become Big 4???? We still have time, so get involved NOW and support the HOTELRHINO initiative. Contact Cheryl Reynolds at the Wilderness Foundation for more information.

Another way to get visitors involved is by recommending the Cape Wheel, as they donate R5 to the Wilderness Foundation for rhino conservation for every ticket sold. The Cape Wheel kindly donated two complimentary tickets for all participants at the brunch.

Cape Wheel #ForeverWildRhinoHotel School Stellenbosch HotelRhino

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