Travel Writing

The Art of Storytelling

“Travel sites are highly functional and rational, but travel is personal and emotional”, says Wendy Olson Killion, director of product management for Expedia Media Solutions. This contradiction can be corrected through the art of storytelling, as this is a way to engage with your customers on a more emotional level – an opportunity to tell the real story behind your brand & product, in either words & pictures or video.

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways of marketing your tourism product. However, when brands create content, they often forget to tell authentic stories that people can relate to. Stories that take the reader on a journey in which the characters represent their own lives and desires.

The Green Girls in Africa work with experienced travel writers, photographers, and videographers, who will tell these stories first-hand and seen through their eyes.

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Travel Stories in Words & Pictures

Travel stories should preferably be published on a blog linked to your website, which is also an effective way to drive more traffic to your site and help improve your SEO, as these stories will add regular new content to your site, something Mr Google loves.

Experience has proven that stories between 500-800 words with lots of visual material are the most effective to create more brand awareness.

A Green Girls in Africa travel story intervention will include:

  • Experiencing your product first-hand by one of our travel writers.
  • Producing three travel stories between 500-800 words with high quality visuals:
    • One story to be published on your own blog.
    • One story to be published on the award winning The Good Holiday travel site or the Green Girls in Africa blog.
    • One story to be published on a third party platform, such as Africa Geographic.
  • Sharing of these stories across the Green Girls in Africa and The Good Holiday social media platforms.

Using Video to tell Travel Stories

Visuals, both images and video, are extremely powerful marketing tools, because they evoke emotions, drive a deeper engagement, and create a more profound change in behaviour. The stats show that YouTube is now the second largest search engine with 1,000s of hours of video uploaded daily. People not only watch video at night, when they used to watch TV, they also stream video on their mobile devices, during their commute to and from work, and sometimes even at work ;-).

With fast fiber optic cables being installed all around the world and slow internet no longer an issue to consider, it is no wonder that video is rapidly becoming the marketing medium of the future.

The Green Girls in Africa have teamed up with OneTwoDee Productions and can offer you a fully tailored video production service. An example of an OneTwoDee tourism video production is the following Kogelberg video. For more examples, check out The Good Holiday video page.

Also check out our Tourism Brand & Product Marketing and Social Media Management interventions.

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