Social Media Management

Growing Your Brand’s Online Influence

Many business owners find it difficult to commit time for social media and as a result focus on just one social media platform, make irregularly updates, lack engagement with their online community, or shunt away from social media altogether.

However, your online influence as a travel brand is becoming more and more important. You can no longer afford to ignore this online presence and this is why….

People’s behaviour towards researching and booking holidays has changed dramatically in recent years. Now, 98% of all travel is researched online and 63% is booked and bought online. People’s online behaviour has also changed. Currently, 40% of all online time is spent on social media, which has resulted in a decline of all other web use by 70%.

With time constraints in any business, it is tempting to focus on one social media platform, but unfortunately they are not an either/or choice. They complement each other and work in tandem, e.g. Facebook converts, Twitter influences, and Instagram engages.

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The various platforms also appeal to people in different stages of life, convey messages in different ways, and create diverse engagement levels. For example, Twitter (preferred social media platform of the 40-60+ year olds) focuses on sharing information and links, Facebook (preferred platform of the 30-40 year olds) is all about sharing stories, Instagram (preferred by 20-30 years old) is about sharing moments, and the hip and trendy Whatsapp (for the 10-20 age group) is about creating moments.

Green Girls in Africa can help you design a tailored social media intervention specific to your business needs and manage the social media on your behalf.@greengirlsinafrica Instagram post examplesThe our services include:

  • Registration of social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Branding and streamlining your social media profiles and bios across the various platforms.
  • Actively building an online community.
  • Sourcing of relevant, daily content to share on social media.
  • Sharing a minimum of five tweets, two Facebook posts, and/or one Instagram per day (Monday-Friday).
  • Creating a pool of hashtags, which help to share messages more effectively, relevant to your business to be used across all social media platforms.
  • Participation in two Twitter chats per month on behalf of your brand, such as #TTOT, #TravelChatSA, #RTTC, and #FoodTravelChat.
  • Creating a six months social media calendar.
  • Designing and running an online competition (only for social media interventions longer than 6 months).

All we need from you are images and regular updates/stories we can share with your online community.

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